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    Agenda 2023 “Magic of I” black, pocket size

    CHF 39.00

    The Stars at your fingertips

    The 2023 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Navigate with the planets and moon cycles while being grounded and appreciative of the earth.

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    Comprehensive astrological reference guide
    Monthly astrological calendar and aspectarian
    Weekly planner with all aspects + moon movements
    Month at a glance (sun, moon themes + transits)
    Yearly moon phases + signs calendar
    New moon + full moon dates list
    Exact aspects yearly overview
    Monthly new + full moon intentions journal pages
    Planetary movements and retrogrades visual guide
    Retrograde + direct dates list
    Void moon times + eclipses
    All ingresses, stations + exact aspects included
    Planetary year ephemeris + mini monthly ephemeris
    Astro-Mycology: connecting sky to earth


    January to December
    Optimum Times Life Guide™
    2023 intentions yearly planning work book
    Monthly goals + intentions
    Weekly goals + actionable steps
    Menstrual cycle tracking with the moon
    Weekly 7 day planner
    General holiday dates
    2023 & 2024 calendar
    A learning tool for beginners
    A tracking tool for Astrologers