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    Gel to Milk Scrub Coconut

    CHF 29.00

    Gel-To-Milk Scrub Coconut is an exfoliating scrub specially developed for the bikini area. It polishes and renews the skin, helps to prevent ingrown hairs and can help to provide a more even looking skin tone.

    The product has a high concentration of exfoliating coconut shells.

    Apply onto damp skin, massage and rinse off in the shower. The viscous gel will emulsify in contact with water. Use 2-3 times a week.

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    • Coconut shells gives you an effective exfoliation. Very concentrated amount of grains.

      Gel-To-Milk formula is concentrated, contains no water. Emulsifies in contact with water. Leaves a fresh moisturized skin but without oil residues.